Founder of the nonprofit Life Calling

John Mack founder visionary artist


John Mack has been called a ‘visionary’ — a ‘sage for humanity in the age of tech.’ He was an honoree of The Explorer’s Club 50: Fifty people changing the world who the world needs to know about.

Mack is an author, artist and founder of the nonprofit, Life Calling, whose mission is to preserve our humanity in the Digital Age. Over the past decade John has brought to the forefront deeper issues of our humanity in light of our increasing dependence on smart-devices and rising AI.

In September 2022 Mack debuted Life Calling’s signature program A Species Between Worlds: Our Nature, Our Screens in New York City, a public educational forum and immersive exhibition which serves as an invitation to contemplate our relationship to our devices and the surrounding world while inciting the introspection needed to prevent the loss of our humanity.
A boutique version of the exhibition represented the USA Pavilion at London Design Biennale 2023 at Somerset House, endorsed by the US Embassy and supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

notes to selfie

Mack is author of A Land Between Worlds: The Shifting Poetry of the Great American Landscape, a collection of poetry, and the Life Calling Handbook Series, a series of pocket-sized books that serve to keep us connected to our humanity in the Digital Age.

This series includes Notes to Selfie: Bits of Truth in a Phoney World and Notes to Psyche: Mindful Thoughts for Thought-Filled Minds.


Mack is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities on the subjects of technology, awareness and consciousness and has served as an adjunct lecturer for the Graduate program of Design at the University of Lisbon.

His main lectures include A Walk in the Park: Exploring the Truth of Our Nature and The Future of Space Travel: Ascending Beyond the Gravity of Device. Mack also offers an array of workshops and presentations for nonprofits, universities, and corporations.

Additionally, Mack serves as a board member of Fairplay, an organization that strives to create a world where kids can be kids, free from the false promises of marketers and the manipulations of Big Tech. He is a member of Forward Global, The Conduit, Nexus Global and serves as an advisor to Globant’s Be Kind Tech Fund. 

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Apart from Life Calling, Mack began his career as a fine art street photographer. He has traveled the world seeking real moments of the human heart and has published two photography books, Revealing Mexico and At Their Home: Marseille. Mack’s photography is represented by the Robert Mann Gallery in New York City.