john mack near a window


For years John has expressed concern over the effects on humanity in the wake of the rapid proliferation of smart-devices. A vanguard in advocating research, activism, and awareness around their unmitigated use, John founded the Life Calling Initiative in 2021. A nonprofit organization, its mission is to help us all live fulfilled lives in the Digital Age while retaining our humanity and personal autonomy. This mission is rooted in the awareness that digital devices can do tremendous good and enable progress but should be used as tools under our control—and not the other way around. The Life Calling Initiative aims to foster critical dialogue surrounding the ubiquitous and unmitigated use of smart devices and their algorithmic programs designed to capture our attention. It aims to empower humanity through a dynamic series of activations, campaigns, exhibitions and public programming, to help generate a more balanced, nuanced and thoughtful perspective for us all in the Digital Age.
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