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Preserving our Humanity in the Digital Age

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The human is unconsciously deciding whether or not it will remain human. We are on a mass-migration from the land of nature to the land of the artificial, from the land of truth to the land of illusion, from man to machine. It such times it behooves us to ask “How far along are we on this migration?” and, more importantly, “What are the necessary steps that we can take, both individually and collectively, to ensure our humanity is not dropped by the wayside?”

This age marks the attempted digital takeover of human consciousness—the expropriation of soul. There is still time.
Are you heads down in devices, or heads up in awareness? 

John Mack

In April 2014 John Mack awakened to the insight that humanity’s current relationship with digital technologies has put us on a trajectory that risks to solidify the prisons of the human mind. Unlike most self-imposed existential threats, it is not our physical nature that is on the line but rather our metaphysical nature.

In this insight, Mack founded Life Calling to raise awareness on the deeper issue at the heart of the human-machine landscape and to reveal the many choices that would ensure the survival of love, compassion, community, and all of the wonderful human qualities which the machine—no matter how advanced—can never surpass. There is still time to evolve today’s Digital Age into the Age of Humanity.

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