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Preserving our Humanity in the Digital Age

With the rising tide of artificial intelligence and immersive, digital worlds, humanity is called to an existential choice: Will we decide to drop our humanity by the wayside, or will we ensure its survival into the future?
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On the line
The choice
Our humanity is on the line. In the age of ever-increasing digital dependence, we find ourselves further and further divorced from ourselves, our community, and nature. We are currently deciding, rather unconsciously, as to whether we will carry our humanity with us into the future.
the call
The opportunity
The Digital Age calls us to meet the rising digital tide in a shared vision of our humanity and its future. We answer this unprecedented call by expanding self-awareness and fostering ‘inner’ connection. This is achieved through Life Calling’s transformative frameworks, inclusive of its very own impact model and immersive programming across the arts, culture, and nature–each fostering and catalyzing a more balanced, nuanced and thoughtful perspective as we navigate the Digital Age.
Our calling
Preserving our humanity in the Digital Age.


A Species Between Worlds
our Nature, our Screens
An interactive photography experience serving as a month-long hub for the gathering of some of the most influential voices at the forefront of the battle to defend human awareness in light of the encroaching digital landscape. Premiers in New York City, September 2022.
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A Land Between Worlds
The Shifting Poetry of the Great American Landscape
Covering nearly fifty of the most iconic U.S. National Parks, Mack uses poetry, landscape photography, and an interactive augmented reality app to invite us into a deep conversation about the encroaching digital landscape, our attachments to it, and the uncertain fate of our nature.
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Notes to Selfie
Bits of Truth in a Phoney World
A pocket-sized book of thoughts, contemplations, and aphorisms, Notes to Selfie addresses complex issues of human consciousness, asking us to question who we are the Digital Age. Philosophical, witty, concerning, and eye-opening, the truths in Notes to Selfie serve as simple cues to deepen our understanding of our humanity vis-à-vis the relentlessly encroaching digital landscape.
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notes to psyche
Notes to Psyche
Mindful Thoughts for Thought-Filled Minds
A pocket-sized book of ideas, contemplations, and aphorisms, Notes to Psyche challenges the very limits of thought. Philosophical, witty, challenging, and mind-opening the observations and questions in Notes to Psyche are sparks to ignite higher consciousness. What introspection and awareness might such illumination open for your own inner navigation?
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Awareness 101
A Crash Course in Human Consciousness
Awareness 101 is an academic course about the nature and modalities of human consciousness and how they are affected by the dominance of either our integration with the world of nature or with our surrendering to digital technology. The course delves into the varying levels of human consciousness as expressed both through the life of the individual and through the history of mankind as a whole.
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Lectures & Workshops

The Life Calling Initiative works to raise awareness of who we are as a species and as individuals, and sets the importance of such awareness over the backdrop of the Digital Age. As a thought leader on the subject of the digital takeover of human consciousness, John Mack offers workshops and lectures for a variety of ages and venues.
  • Freedom Matters Podcast

live on Apple, Anchor, Spotify.
November 10, 2022

The Tools of Our Mind
Podcast Episode sponsored by Freedom. Host and Producer: Georgie Powell
Freedom Matters

live on Apple, Anchor, Spotify.
November 10, 2022

John Mack on Why Reality Cannot Actually Be “Augmented”
Podcast Episode sponsored by Grand Seiko
At a Distance / The Slowdown
live on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher October 24, 2022
  • the slowdown podcast

live on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher
October 24, 2022

Scottsdale, AZ. November, 2021
Leaping off the Timeline . John Mack & Yuval Noah Harari
In Conversation
Awareness 1 on 1
Tel Aviv, Israel
April 20, 2022
Charting Paradise
GLEX Summit
Azores, Portugal
July, 2022
Lisbon, Portugal. December, 2021
NYC, USA. April, 2022
A Walk in the Park: Exploring the Truth of our Nature
The Explorers Club
April, 2022
The inverse universe / The vertical homonym
Lisbon, Portugal
December, 2021
Lisbon, Portugal. December, 2021
Scottsdale, AZ. November, 2021
Consciousness merges with the algorithm
CODA Summit
Scottsdale, AZ
November, 2021
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