Revealing Mexico

In 2010, Mexico observed two important anniversaries: the bicentennial of its independence from Spain and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution. These two milestones offered the country’s 111 million citizens and 30 million Mexican Americans an unprecedented opportunity to rediscover and celebrate their shared heritage. Revealing Mexico by John Mack and Susanne Steines is an astonishing new photographic portrait of the country.

For a period of eight years, American photographer Mack and writer Steines crisscrossed Mexico photographing its vibrant city and rural life, its stunning architecture, striking landscapes, and captivating people. With roughly 200 images representing all 31 states, from the canyons of Chihuahua to the Mayan ruins of Chiapas, from the indigenous communities of Oaxaca to the bustling port towns of the Yucatán, as well as the skyscrapers and thoroughfares of the Federal District, Revealing Mexico offers a poetic vista of Mexico’s landscape today. What’s more, Revealing Mexico also includes portraits of individuals from all walks of Mexican life—luminaries, authors, artists, academics, politicians, fisherman, business titans, street vendors, and farmers among others—many accompanied by their own words about what it is to be Mexican.

"I think that we’re a country that’s completely mystical. I’ve noticed it during my travels, and it’s a very beautiful way in which the Mexican perhaps deposits into this faith and hope all of his tragedy."

Carlos Monsiváis, Revealing Mexico
At home in Mexico City, 2009
Cholula, Puebla, 2008
Durango, Durango, 2008
"What we call 'Mexican magic' comes from a lost world, and because of that it’s magic. It could be an indigenous world, a world of myth, of dreams, in which heaven and hell intermingle, in which everything is life."

Carlos Fuentes, Revealing Mexico
At home in Mexico City, 2009
Torreon, Coahuila, 2009
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